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Hiking in Santa Clarita

Hiking in Santa Clarita

Below is a list of resources for hiking in Santa Clarita.

Placerita Canyon - Natural Area and Nature Center
19152 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, CA, 91321
9am - 5pm, Tuesdays through Sundays
Telephone: (661) 259-7721

Home of many interesting animals and plants, Placerita Canyon has a large amount of nature, history, and short to long hiking trails. The Nature Center museum with its small collection of live animals, along with the Walker Cabin and the oak landmark of the original gold discovery in 1842 are available for the public to see. Picnicking areas are also available. The Nature Center is dedicated to conserving a part of the Southern California natural environment and offers wild animal shows, nature hikes and educational trails to help educate the public about the undisturbed area.

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Community Hiking Club

Based in Santa Clarita, CA, the CHC organizes and plans different community hikes and helps educate the community about the outdoors of the Santa Clarita Valley. Hikes are easy to moderate and welcome all ages. More information about each trail can be found on the Here.

6 Miles and under Round Trip Santa Clarita Hikes

Towsley-Wiley Canyons - 2 trails, 2 or 6 miles
Golden Valley - 4-8 miles round trip
Liebre Mountain  - 6 miles round trip
Mount Waterman - 6 miles round trip
Rice Canyon - 4 Miles round trip
Mount Pinos Summit-Chumash Wilderness - 4 miles round trip
Vasquez Rocks and PCT  - 4 miles round trip
Cooper Canyon Trail  - 6 miles round trip
Whitney Canyon Trail - 5 miles round trip
Bear Divide Trail - 4.4 miles round trip
Placerita Canyon Waterfall Trail - 2.5 miles, 5 miles round trip
Walker Ranch at Placerita Canyon  - 1 mile round trip
Manzanita Mountain Trail  - 4 miles round trip
Ecology Trail - 1.5 miles round trip
Heritage Trail - 1/2 mile 
Botany Trail  - 1/4 mile
Placerita Canyon Trail (To Walker Ranch)  - 5 miles round trip
Punchbowl Trail  - 4.7 miles
Devil's Punchbowl Loop  - 1 mile
Tiny Trail  - 2 miles round trip
Magic Mountain Proposed Wilderness/Old Miner's Trail - 2 miles
Sawmill Mountain - 4 miles round trip

7+ Miles Round Trip Santa Clarita Hikes

Golden Valley - 4-8 miles round trip
Pico Canyon - 8 miles round trip
Bridge to Nowhere-Sheep Wilderness - 10 miles round trip
Eaton Canyon to Echo Mountain - 13 miles round trip
Mount Baldy  - 13 miles round trip
Mount Lowe - 12 miles round trip
Weldon Canyon  - 7 Miles round trip with additional options
East Canyon - 7 miles round trip
Condor Peak  - A Few Miles to over 2,000 miles are possible from this point
Piru Creek - 28 miles round trip
"The BEAST" to Wilson Canyon (Olive View)  - 18 miles round trip
Seven Mile Trail - 7.5 miles
Los Pinetos Trail - 8 miles round trip
South Fork Campground to Devil's Punchbowl  - 14 miles round trip
Burkhart Trail to Buckhorn Campground  - 28 miles round trip
Pleasantview Ridge-Devil�s Punchbowl to Devil's Chair  - 7 miles round trip
Burnt Peak  - 18 miles round trip
Lake Hughes Trail to Sawmill Mountain - 20 miles round trip

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