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Santa Clarita Climate

Santa Clarita Climate

The Santa Clarita California climate is classified as semiarid or Mediterranean in the Koppen climate classification system. Santa Clarita is generally hot and dry through most of the year, ranging from 70-100 degrees during the summer, and 40-65 degrees during the winter.

Warmest Month: August
Coolest Month: January
Wettest Month: February

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Rain / Precipitation:

Santa Clarita, CA is known for its dry weather. Monthly precipitation ranges from zero to 5 inches, depending on the month. The "wettest" months occur between December and March, with very little rain in Santa Clarita from April through August.

Average Temperatures in Santa Clarita:
* In degrees Fahrenheit
Average High Temp:
Average Low Temp:
February: 66° 37°
68° 38°
April: 74° 41°
May: 79° 45°
June: 88° 50°
July: 94° 54°
August: 95° 55°
September: 91° 52°
October: 82° 46°
November: 72° 39°
December: 65° 36°