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Friday, May 29th, 2015 - 8:30am
When I met Jeff Wilson at a murder scene nearly a decade ago, I had no idea what SCVTalk would become, and certainly didn't imagine I'd eventually be writing the Daily Brief. I really value what Jeff started, and what this site has grown into over time. It has been a pleasure to run the briefs, daily bringing you a roundup of news both local and not-quite-local. With a full-time job, side gigs, and, you know, a life, it all gets a bit busy sometimes, but it's been worth it.
All that to say, I regret to inform you that today marks the end of the Daily Brief. It has been a good run, and I'm sure we'll see each other on the social medias. Or perhaps even in real life. 
A big shoutout needs to go to the hard-working journalists of the Santa Clarita Valley, without whom this blog would be lacking in a lot of good content. Between KHTS, The Signal, and SCVTV, there's some quality work being done. I salute all you. Keep fighting the good fight, working the long hours and going without enough thanks or pay.
Without further adieu, here's a whole mess of briefs, one last time. 
  • Dipping Deeper: Water officials continue to dip deeper into SCV's banked water, and they say so far we're in ok shape. The Signal
  • Facebook Cops: A Sheriff's detective cracked a credit card fraud case by taking to social media. SCVNews
  • Family Rebuilding After Fire: "Everybody on my block is so incredibly cool. I love everybody over there and I want to show appreciation for them, rather than ask for anything.” A Canyon Country family is rebuilding their home after it was ravaged by fire recently. KHTS
  • California Blockbusters on the Decline: Only 22 of the 106 films released by major studios in 2014 were filmed in California, with films taking advantage of tax credits in other states and countries. LA Times
  • Quality Healthcare is Just Around the Corner: Leave it to Steve Harvey to keep us smiling. Only in LA
  • Juice Won't Cure Your Cancer: "If there were cures for cancer, we’d be seeing them. It’s not like we have something that we don’t want to make available to people." A bit longish read on cancer and how green juice isn't solving the problem. Gawker
  • High Speed Rail Meeting on Monday: High Speed Rail officials are hoping a public open house meeting this Monday night. KHTS
  • Wilk Bill Keeps an Open Door on Rail Meetings: Heading to the state Assembly floor is a bill by Assembly Scott Wilk that would prevent High Speed Rail officials from having closed-door meetings. SCVNews
  • Illegal Immigrant Healthcare Bill Moves Ahead: A scaled-back version of a state Senate bill that would provide access to healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants is moving forward. SacBee
  • What Water Wonks Want: Water officials are hoping to get their share of grant funding for the Santa Clarita Valley. CLWA officials, for instance, are expecting an influx of $73 million in Prop 84 funds. The Signal
  • Streets of the Lost Revisited: A look back at one of the most well-known photo essays by photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who died this week at 75. LIFE
  • Looking Toward 2016: "Yet Knight needs to get his act together and the GOP is worried that he won't." Looking ahead to the 2016 elections, Rasmussen has downgraded the 25th Congressional District from "Safe Republican" to "Likely Republican." Rasmussen Report
  • On the Rebound: The SCV is seeing home sales numbers it hasn't since since 2007. The Signal
  • Ditching the Internet: "The Internet has ruined our collective mind for being able to rationally deal with news and issues." How one man ditched a political blog to publish a print-only magazine about the desert. LA Times
  • Are You a Kamala or a Loretta?: "While our race- and ethnicity-obsessed media prefer to emphasize that Harris is black and South Asian, and that Sanchez is Latina, the heart of the difference between the candidates, and the two regions, is class." The 2016 Senate race stands to have a big impact on California. Fox & Hounds
  • Hillary Calling it Quits: "...buying up all the primetime commercial blocks on every network affiliate in all 50 states was probably ill-advised, as was hiring our 3,000-member campaign team in Puerto Rico, which does not have any electoral votes." The Onion

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Thursday, May 28th, 2015 - 1:10pm
I'll be wrapping up the month of May with a special post tomorrow morning. See you then . For now, here's some news...
  • Dead Woman Had Dreams, Plans: "She was really one of the nicest and kindest people you’ll ever meet.” The 25-year-old Newhall woman found beaten to death in her home wanted to create a signature clothing line with designs inspired by the book of Proverbs. The Signal
  • Good News for COC: College of the Canyons has received a $5.5 million grant to create career pathway programs. KHTS
  • Curbside Delivery: An hourlong car chase late last night ended with the pursued vehicle coming to a stop in the parking lot of the SCV Sheriff's Station. The Signal
  • County Sharpening Guidelines for Yard Sales: The county Board of Supervisors approved new rules for yard sales in unincorporated county areas, intended to cut back on frequent sales causing "blight or quality-of-life issues." The Signal
  • Study Shows Black Students Still Seeing a College Gap: "Our high schools need to do a better job at preparing more black students for college.” A recent study shows working-age black students in California are only about half as likely as white students to have a college degree. Daily News
  • Good News for the Health-Conscious: As part of their grand reopening, the Valencia Wellness Center is having a 25% off sale on June 1. KHTS
  • There's a New Librarian in Town: The Santa Clarita Library has a new head librarian, who has experience at both the Newhall, Castaic, and Valencia libraries. SCVNews
  • A Single Committee for Vaccine Bill: The bill that would require schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated has only one committee to go before in the senate. SacBee
  • Feel Like Sheep Peepin'?: There's a mandatory orientation next month if ewe are interested in the 45th annual Anza-Borrego bighorn sheep count on July 4 weekend. SoCal Wild
  • SCV Seeing Overdose Increase: The Santa Clarita Valley is seeing a spike in drug overdose deaths this year, with three confirmed this year, and four pending confirmation by the Coroner. KHTS
  • Could El Nino Dreams Come True?: "Can one big year ease the drought conditions? Yes, it can." Heavy rains won't completely solve our long-term problems, but they could certainly make a dent in the drought. LA Times

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Trash Rates Going Up: The Santa Clarita City Council voted last night to increase trash hauling rates for single-family homes. The 87-cent monthly increase takes effect in July. The Signal
  • Water Officials Introducing Drought-Fighting Tools: As the drought stretches on, our local water agencies are introducing digital tools such as a smartphone app that allows users to anonymously report water wasting. KHTS
  • Knight Moves into SCV: Congressman Steve Knight has taken out a lease on a district office here in Santa Clarita, off Carl Boyer Drive. KHTS
  • The SCOPE of Their Appeal: This purchase was not only legal, but also it was just a good water management decision.” The folks at environmental group SCOPE beg to differ with that statement, having appealed a court ruling that OK'd the multi-million dollar sale of Valencia Water Co. to Castaic Lake Water Agency. The group contends the 2013 sale violated state law. SCVNews
  • Light Sentence for Sex Offender: A 23-year-old Canyon Country man was sentenced to five years probation, having to register as a sex offender and credit for time served in jail, after he met up with a 15-year-old girl for sexual purposes. KHTS
  • Changing Up the Menu: The Dink's location at the mall has made a bit of a change, being rebranded as 42nd Street Gastropub, with a new menu of "comforting pub food." The Signal
  • Seismologist Shakes Up Twitter: "The human reality of earthquakes. You are probably going to be rescued by your neighbor- or the cute guy you just met." Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones live-tweeted the premiere of the new disaster film "San Andreas." Daily News
  • "Restructuring": "Employees were not given more notice, he said, because under the circumstance the law did not require it." The firm that was tasked to handle corporate restructuring of the PennySaver — which gave all its employees the boot after they met deadline last week — was also involved with the similar, sudden closure of a Wisconsin dairy. LA Times
  • Talking About Mental Health: Almost a year after she was arrested after a standoff, a Castaic woman is talking about trauma and mental health. Missy Bryant was arrested after she stole an ex-boyfriend's gun, kidnapped a man at gunpoint and had a four-hour standoff with deputies. KHTS
  • Wrapping Up With a Wrapup: "(H)is grand finale was a lengthy pitch for electronic lawn maintenance equipment. There was even a demonstration on an air-blower and electric lawnmower." Local anonymous blogger I Heart wraps up last night's City Council meeting. I Heart SCV

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • SCV Businesses Feeling Nervous: "Some businesses are barely blinking as it is. They may have to make decisions to lay off people, move out of state or close down.” Local business owners are closely watching the changes to minimum wage in Los Angeles. The Signal
  • Remembering the Fallen: Under sunny skies, tribute was paid Monday at Eternal Valley to those who served and died in combat. The Signal
  • Argument Gets Heated: Deputies responded last night to Canyon Country after an argument between neighbors reportedly escalated and a woman set fire to the other's doorway. The Signal
  • Pushed to the Limit: "We will lose redwoods, and we will lose oaks, too. They are being pushed to their extremes." The drought is taking its toll on California's trees.Daily News
  • Care for a Glass of Sewage?: Could toilet-to-tap water treatment be on the horizon for California? LA Times
  • Inside the Boneyard: "Even though the hijackers detonated a bomb in the cockpit, this old bird was actually put back into commission until 1980." A photographer provides glimpses inside the Arizona property where aircraft go to die. Gizmodo
  • Station Gets New Command Center: With funding raised in part by the SCV Sheriff's Foundation, the SCV Sheriff's Station has a new mobile command post, unveiled Friday at a media event that included Sheriff Jim McDonnell. SCVNews
  • Husband Arrested on Murder Charges: A 48-year-old man was arrested after deputies found his 25-year-old wife dead of apparent blunt force trauma. KTLA The Signal
  • State Makes a Deal With Farmers: The state accepted a deal with Delta farmers offering to yield some of their water rights. SacBee
  • Feeling the Pinch: The sudden demise of the PennySaver has left both its employees and advertisers in the lurch. LA Times

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Friday, May 22nd, 2015 - 1:11pm
  • Castaic Moves Closer to District Election Changes: The Castaic Union School District board voted this week to start the process of moving to a trustee area-based election system in 2017. The Signal
  • Crash That Killed SCV Student Still Under Investigation: Nine months after 17-year-old Jennifer Stift was struck and killed while jogging, the case is still under investigation, though investigators have continued to say that neither speed or drugs/alcohol appeared to be a factor. KHTS
  • Sanitation District Make a Salty Decision: The Sanitation District board approved a plan to truck brine from water treatment out of the SCV as a method of chloride compliance. The plan is expected to cost aboyt $130 million. KHTS
  • What the Day is About: "It’s not Veteran’s Day. It’s not military appreciation day. Don’t thank me for my service. Please don’t thank me for my service. It’s take the time to pay homage to the men and women who died while wearing the cloth of this nation you’re so freely enjoying today, day." WaPo
  • Memorial Day in the SCV: Eternal Valley will host its annual Memorial Day commemoration Monday. The Signal
  • Homeless Cleanup Continues: The city's "river wash cleanup" team continues to work with sheriff's deputies to break up homeless encampments in the SCV. The Signal
  • SoCal on the Rebound: "The population growth that we see here and the fact that it’s accompanying the job and other economic growth that we’re seeing here in Southern California is telling us Southern California and the Inland Empire are all very much back in terms of their economies." Updated census data for the Southland points to recovery, economists say. Daily News
  • Suspects Sought After Skate Park Thrashing: Deputies are searching for suspects after a lost 30-year-old man was the victim of a bad skateboard beating that left his jaw shattered this week. KTLA NBC
  • Where Not To Go: From Yosemite to the Cajon Pass, there a few areas of which you may want to steer clear this holiday weekend. LA Times
  • Checkpoint Tonight: Not only is this a maximum enforcement weekend for law enforcement (please do everyone a favor and have a designated driver if you choose to imbibe), there's also a CHP checkpoint tonight. SCVNews
  • The Trolley Returns: Fancy a bit of San Francisco flavor in Awesometown? Well grab a Speakeasy bread bowl full o' chowder, because the city's trolley service returns for the summer. City Briefs
  • Threats to the California Dream: "Californians appear to have accurately assessed the problem. But when it comes to the solution, they seem to put short-term gratification over long-term, sustainable results." Carson Bruno opines of affordable housing and the California dream. Fox & Hounds 

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 - 12:47pm
  • Doing Good in the Neighborhood: "When you go into Val Verde, there’s no disconnect (with the Sheriff’s Department). And when the community knows you and trusts you, it makes you a resource.” Good article by Perry Smith on how the Sheriff's Youth Foundation's Youth Activities League invests in the kids of Val Verde. KHTS
  • Start the Weekend With a CHiPs Checkpoint: The CHP is conducting a DUI checkpoint this Friday. KHTS
  • Motorcycle Safety Crackdown: Sheriff's deputies will be on extra patrol duty tomorrow, looking for motorcycle safety violations. KHTS
  • 'Remembering the Fallen' in the SCV: The "Remembering the Fallen" photo exhibit of fallen members of the armed services — including some SCV natives — is on display at Eternal Valley. The Signal
  • Delta Farmers Willing to Cut Back: Farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are proposing voluntary 25 percent cuts to their water usage, to avoid further state restrictions. Daily News
  • Docs Pull Opposition to Right-to-Die Bill: "No amendments can change the fact that ‘an act that directly causes the patient’s death’ is contrary to the role of the physician." A group of California physicians have withdrawn their opposition to a right-to-die bill. LA Times
  • Tes'ting the Waters: Tesla is seeing whether the SCV is a good location for a dealership, with a kiosk display at Westfield Valencia Town Center for a 90-day trial period. The Signal
  • Small Aggressions from the Real Side: "So again I ask, what is the magic formula? Is it how many people are offended? A percentage of the whole campus or event? Does it apply only to certain groups?" Joe Messina opines on the trend of "microaggressions". SCVNews
  • Englander Throws His Hat in the Ring: L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander has announced he's running for the County Supervisor seat held by Mike Antonovich. LA Business Journal

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Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 - 1:15pm
  • Suing for the Right to Die: "The most likely way that I’m going to die with the lung cancer is that my left lung will fill with fluid, I’ll start drowning in my own fluid,” A Santa Clarita Valley is one of three people suing the state for the right to die. KTLA
  • Detectives Reportedly Talk to Shooting Witnesses: Sheriff's detectives have reportedly interviewed two witnesses to the Canyon Country shooting that left one person dead, with the suspect on the loose. The Signal
  • Supes OK Big-Rig Limits: The county Board of Supervisors approved restrictions on trucks traveling on San Canyon Road between Sierra Highway and Santa Clarita city limits. KHTS
  • More Supes for You?: A California legislator is proposing that large counties — such as Los Angeles — have more elected supervisors. While we currently have five for L.A. County, his proposal would increase it to seven. The Signal
  • The Resident Rocket Pusher: "Though former House members are banned by law from lobbying their old colleagues and congressional staff for a year after leaving office, they’re not prohibited from playing the field." As a consultant, retired Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon's first defense client is former contributor Aerojet Rocketdyne. Foreign Policy
  • Looking for Ways to Save: The SCV Water Committee is looking for new ways to conserve water here in Awesometown. SCVNews
  • Cautiously Optimistic: “The federal government produces 75,000 new pages of regulations every year. It’s virtually impossible for a business to operate without violating something. And the government never takes these regulations away. They just keep expanding them.” Business owners in L.A. county are cautiously optimistic about the market, but particularly concerned about ever-increasing regulations. Daily News
  • 15 By 20: The L.A. City Council approved a plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour by the year 2020. LA Times
  • There's Money in Cancer: Four nonprofit organizations stand accused of ripping people off to the tune of $187 million. LA Times

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