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Santa Clarita Animal Control

Santa Clarita Animal Control

Santa Clarita animal control services are handle by LA County.

For a list of Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue organizations, please click here.

The LA County Animal Control Department operates Santa Clarita animal control and is dedicated to regulating, licensing, and providing public safety and humane control of animals in Los Angeles County.

This includes operating shelters, licensing pets, spay and neuter programs, vaccination programs, handling stray animals, and upholding local animal laws and ordinances.

The local office for animal control for Santa Clarita is located at:
31044 N. Charlie Canyon Rd.  -   Map
Castaic, CA 91384
Phone: (661) 257-3191

Hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 7pm
Friday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm
Holidays - Limited Operations

More information can be found at the LA County Animal Control web site:

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