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Santa Clarita Valley Elected Officials

Mayor Frank Ferry
Mayor of Santa Clarita
(661) 255-4309

Mayor Pro-Tem Laurene Weste
(661) 255-4312

Councilmember Laurie Ender
Elected: 2008

Councilmember Bob Kellar

Councilmember Marsha McLean
(661) 255-4311

City Manager Kenneth R. Pulskamp
Phone: (661) 255-4905

California State Assemblymember Cameron Smyth
(38th Assembly District, Serves the City of Santa Clarita )
California State Senator George C. Runner
(17th Senate District)


posted Jun. 28th, 2015 - 11:27am
Unwanted mail says:
Who does one speak to/contact about unwanted mailings? We, as a nation, continually whine/cry over waste, but yet millions of tons of \"waste\" is sent through our postal system. I, for one, am tired of receiving mailings I do not want or need. Most of the \"trash\" I put out at the end of the week is mainly items to be recycled and 90% of that is unwanted mailings every day.
How do we get this so we only get mailings if we actually ask for them? Bills I understand. Programs we subscribe to I understand, but \'The Magazine\' I did not ask for nor do I want. The SCV magazine I did not ask for nor do I want. I can find anything I want or need on this computer. I don\'t need the yellow pages hardcopy anymore.
My wife and I put out less than 5 pounds of actual garbage each week. (The black bin.) The blue and green are filled the most. I walk around my neighborhoods for exercise and I wish I had a penny for every flier that is/was left on the sidewalk or in the street from being thrown from a moving vehicle.
I do not know if you will receive this or even read it. I am pretty sure it will be discarded. I do not have too much confidence in officials or representatives that claim to \"represent\" the people of a city/village/town or state for that matter.
Thank you for your time.
Rod Acre
Santa Clarita, CA

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