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Despite requests, Craigslist will not create a specialized section for the Santa Clarita Valley, and Listings for Santa Clarita, CA are all lumped together with the Los Angeles metro area section of Craigslist!

In protest, please show your SCV pride, and post your classified listings on the classifieds section (links below).


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495 or o
Santa Clarita plumbing
Santa Clarita Fence Gate Doors/Green mesh
Jul 21
Santa Clarita Mickey Mouse Allstar collectible
50.00 ea
Jul 21
Santa Clarita Welding wire
Jul 21
Santa Clarita DAN MARINO 1990 score card
10.00 ea
Jul 21
Santa Clarita DELAWARE red CRAB
Jul 21
Santa Clarita Beanie Babies
Jul 21

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