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Friday, December 19th, 2014 - 12:42pm
  • Under Investigation: Officials are continuing to probe what they believe was an intentional crash that killed a Lancaster man and his two children. The Signal
  • Nothing New There: Our legislators are pledging due diligence in the battle against a Cemex mine that has raged for years and for all we know will continue for many more. The Signal
  • Looking Back: "I was working on my car in the driveway and a newspaper hit the grille. It was The Signal, of course, and it says we were going to be trying to form a city.” City co-founder Dennis Koontz is profiled as the Santa Clarita celebrates its 27th birthday. The Signal
  • The Rail Side: Officials are figuring out how to include public concerns in the ongoing plans for California's high-speed rail project. KHTS
  • Petz Rallies for Boydston: Steve Petzold pens a letter to the editor pushing for City Councilman TimBen Boydston to finally have a go as mayor of SClarita. The position is "informally rotated" every year but Boydston has yet to serve in that capacity. The Signal
  • Green Light for LAX Projects: Airport officials have formally given the go-ahead to $4 billion in improvements for LAX, including a people mover and a centralized rental car location (in a neighborhood where LAX has spent 16 years buying up property). Daily News
  • Christmas at the Community Center: The Newhall Community Center is hosting a Christmas celebration tonight featuring caroling, cocoa, and Claus. City Briefs
  • Signs of Hope: "The good news is tempered by the fact that the entire state remains in some degree of drought and more than three-quarters of it, about 78%, is in 'extreme' drought, the second-highest category available, the report said." There is some cautious optimism for the state of California. LA Times
  • Making Some Improvements: "With Sunday as the official start of winter, it’s a perfect time to resolve to make homes in 2015 more efficient than ever, not only to save money, but provide more comfort." HGTV's Anthony Carrino talks about home modifications to think about making. Daily News
  • Dad and Son Get in the Ring: “It is hard to judge how well I did because I don’t know if he was taking it easy on me. I grew up in the ring. It is my home. I might not be as fast as I once was, but I can still get it done.” Santa Clarita champion boxer Virgil Hill and his son laced up their gloves and got in the ring for an exhibition match, as he prepares for a Feb. 28 match. SCVNews

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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 - 12:23pm
  • Moving Right Along: With Buck's bill shot dead by a New Mexico senator, Cemex it moving right along with its plans for a 56-million-ton sand and gravel mine here in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Signal KHTS
  • Cause of Death Unclear: Investigators are still unsure what killed a man whose body was found in the wash on Friday. KHTS
  • Spurs for Newhall: College of the Canyons has announced its 2015 Silver Spur award for community service will go to the Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation. The Silver Spur gala is set for April 15 at the Autry Center. KHTS
  • Going the Way of the Greens: A Canyon Country house red-tagged and boarded up since May is on its way to being demolished in 2015, according to city officials. The Signal
  • More About Our Roots: The Signal continues its series of profiles of Santa Clarita's founders, including Lou and Rita Garasi, and Jan Heidt.
  • A Costly Incident: The cyberattack against Sony that led to cancelling the release of "The Interview" is shaping up to be a costly experience for the company. Daily News
  • Still Western After all These Years: Santa Clarita was included in True West Magazine's list of the top 10 True Western Towns for 2015. Yee-Ha. KHTS
  • Refusing to Ignore It: "In directing and defending our torture policies, Dick Cheney trashes our Constitution and our legal heritage and replaces the Rule of Law with 'the ends justify the means — at any cost.'" Gary Horton on our torture problem, which so many either want to pretend didn't exist or choose to not care about. The Signal
  • In the "Where are They Now?" File: "Greene also claims Haueter regularly embarrassed her in staff meetings and got angry when she requested help from other staff members to help with grueling meetings with 'approximately 75-100 media outlets' over a two-day period." That would be Bob Haueter, former local staff for Congressman "Buck" McKeon, who now works for Texan Congressman Blake Farenthold, accused of sexual harassment. HuffPost

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 - 8:30am
  • It Doesn't Look Good: The final audit report has been released for Albert Einstein Academy, and while it may not include red flags pointing to outright fraud, it does document a lot of disconcerting financial mismanagement. KHTS
  • Bill Parked Until Next Year: With the Senate having adjourned for the year, Buck's Cemex bill is effectively dead until 2015. And so continues the SCV's saga of trying to resolve the Cemex issue once and for all. The Signal
  • A Batty Kind of Year: Rabid bats continue to turn up in L.A. County, including the SCV, which is unusual for the cooler months, according to a public health official. The Signal
  • McKeon Staff on the Move: Described as one of the "most experienced and sought after legislative directors in the House," Chris Perry will be leaving outgoing Congressman "Buck" McKeon's office to work for New York state Rep.-elect Elise Stefanik, who will also be serving on the House Armed Services Committee. The Citizen
  • Cops on Camera: The LAPD is set to equip 7,000 officers with body cameras, a notable move and one that hopefully the Sheriff's Department will make. Of course, officers will actually have to turn the cameras on when they arrest or detain someone. And certainly there's no way some officers will "forget" or "have no time" to turn on a camera in the heat of the moment. Daily News
  • You Can't Escape Mom: In what is perhaps one of the best moments in the history of C-SPAN, a mother calls in to scold her arguing, politician sons. Talking Points Memo

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 - 8:30am
  • Worried About the Precedent: The New Mexico senator who's put a hold on McKeon's Cemex bill calls himself a champion of environmental causes, but is concerned about the precedent set by using national lands like "a piggy bank" to get out of jams. KHTS The Signal
  • Rolling Out Good Will: Quality PR work from the folks at Chiquita Canyon landfill (you know, the massive one near Val Verde that gets most of its trash from outside the SCV and is planning to expand), in this story about them donating bicycles to children at the Child & Family Center. Because you see, Chiquita Canyon isn't just a landfill, it's "a local business home to a 9.2 megawatt clean energy facility." KHTS
  • Checkpoints are Back: It must be the holiday season, because it's time for another DUI checkpoint, coming this Friday to an undisclosed road near you. SCVNews
  • Remembering the Founders: During this anniversary week, The Signal continues with its profiles of Santa Clarita's founders, focusing on Glo Donnelly. The Signal
  • Storm Trio on the Way: Three storms of slow, steady rain are on their way to the Southland, expected to bring colder temperatures. Daily News
  • Opting Out: "So far I have made close to 50 phone calls, attempts to call, website encounters, and 16 pages of documentation regarding the various problems between Covered California, Medi-Cal, and Blue Shield. It’s a completely crazy-making process and a huge disappointment." As the deadline to renew Covered California coverage approaches, some Californians are choosing to opt out of a system they say if full of confusion a year in. Daily News
  • A Pioneer Passes: Larry Cano, founder of El Torito, credited with popularizing sit-down Mexican cuisine, died at 90. Gustavo Arrellano has a brief obit, and links to a 2011 profile he wrote on Cano. OC Weekly
  • Are You Ready for Disaster?: Starting next month, the city is hosting its seven-week Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) course to better prepare citizens to respond when disaster strikes. It only costs $30. KHTS
  • Turning Tides: Buried in the federal spending bill approved over the weekend was a bill co-authored by Costa Mesa Republican Dana Rohrabacher that effectively ends the federal ban on medical marijuana. LA Times

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Monday, December 15th, 2014 - 8:30am
  • Senator Holding up Cemex Vote: It might be too soon to pop a bottle of champagne for the Cemex bill's passage. New Mexico's Sen. Martin Heinrich (D) has put a legislative hold on the bill in the Senate. The deadline is reportedly today. KHTS The Signal
  • Happy Birthday SClarita: The city of Santa Clarita turns 27 today, and The Signal is marking the occasion with seven days of profiles of our city founders, starting with Carl Boyer and Jo Anne Darcy.
  • Body Found in River ID'd: The body of 64-year-old man found in the wash near Soledad and Langside has been identified, but officials are having trouble locating the next of kin. KHTS The Signal
  • Moving On: Hart district spokeswoman Gail Pinsker has announced she is leaving the district next month after four years, having accepted a position with another Southland school district. KHTS
  • Working on a Plan: “It’s just a massive hit. It’s a perfect storm of disastrous financial situations that you would not expect.” The Castaic Union School District is working with the county on a financial plan to help navigate the troubled waters it's in. The Signal
  • Rain on the Rebound: Southern California is due for more rain today, forecasters say. Daily News
  • This is For the Birds: Anonymous blogger I. Heart is looking for some help this month, counting dinosaurs in the SCV. I Heart SCV

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Friday, December 12th, 2014 - 1:02pm
  • Dead Body in the Wash: Sheriff's deputies responded and found a dead man in the wash near Langside and Soledad Canyon this morning. KHTS The Signal
  • Hart District Still Trying to Sell: The Hart district has enlisted the help of NAI Capital to try selling off two buildings it's had on the market for months. The Signal
  • Emu On the Loose: It took about two hours yesterday to capture an emu that was on the loose in Canyon Country, even providing an impromptu biology lesson for elementary school students. The Signal
  • Bring on the Comments: Everyone's favorite, the Newhall roundabout won an award as "Project of the Year." SCVNews
  • More About that Bill: And here we though Buck left us out to dry. In a move that was the congressional equivalent of dropping the mic and walking offstage, Congressman "Buck" McKeon, surprising many, introduced and got passed a bill that may just solve the Cemex problem by selling off federal land near Victorville and compensating Cemex for its mining contracts in Soledad Canyon. And you know, I'm going to give Buck some kudos for NOT including this in the NDAA. When we talk about problems with Washington, accepted practices such as tacking on and burying bills in the NDAA that aren't remotely related is part of the problem. The Signal SCVNews SFV Biz Journal
  • The Numbers are Up: For its sixth consecutive year, the CSU system has seen an increase in applicants, receiving nearly 800,000 applications for fall 2015. Daily News
  • Helping Where it Counts: All this rain is helping one place it's sorely needed: the dwindling Sierra snowpack. LA Times
  • For the Skunk Works Fans: Some very cool photos and history of Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird. Sploid
  • Well, What Do You Know?: With the Legislative Analysts Office opening up its data, Fox and Hounds has a little quiz to find out how much you know about California's economy. Fox and Hounds

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Thursday, December 11th, 2014 - 8:30am
  • All Hope is Not Lost?: The House just passed a bill authored by Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon that apparently has been in the works and would resolve the Cemex problem. KHTS
  • Tough Times for Castaic: After seeing its student population decrease by 300-plus students in two years, the Castaic Union School District is facing a projected $1.3 million deficit and considering staff layoffs. The Signal
  • New Principal for Canyon: Jason d'Autremont has been tapped as the new principal for Canyon High School, after serving as assistant principal since 2012. The Signal
  • Paying Respects: "We come and we say they existed, and as a society, we say we honor you. As much as we have done, this is what we can do in this moment." The county yesterday held a graveside burial service for 1,489 people whose bodies were unidentified or unclaimed. Daily News
  • McKeon Objects to Transfer: As he wraps up his time on the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman "Buck" McKeon has objected to the transfer of Guantanamo detainees back to Afghanistant. Newser
  • Plan Accordingly: With a major storm expected to roll in soon, the county has announced Lake Hughes Road will be closed starting tomorrow at 12:30 a.m. KHTS
  • Report Wrapping Up on Bell Crash: More than two years after a plane crash killed 2011 Man of the Year Harry Bell, an NTSB report of factual findings shed little light on the cause. A probable cause report is expected in the coming weeks. KHTS

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