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Friday, January 30th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Alleged Killer Could Have Been Behind Bars: The Newhall man charged with killing his 19-day-old daughter could have still been behind bars were it not for jail realignment as part of AB 109. In 2014 alone, he was arrested, and released shortly thereafter, three times. The Signal
  • Runner May Face an Easy Race: Unless a dark horse emerges, Sharon Runner is facing an easy race for Steve Knight's 21st District Senate seat, since she's going to be the only candidate on the March 19 ballot. KHTS
  • Helping Hands: "It’s giving us something positive to focus on in this really dark time. It’s incredible how this community has helped.” The community is coming together to raise support for a Hart High grad whose newborn son is undergoing chemotherapy, with a 50 percent chance of being free of cancer in five years. KHTS
  • Wendy Gets a Facelift: Motorists may have noticed that the Wendy's at the corner of The Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway has been reduced to just a shell. That's because it, along with three other local Wendy's, is being renovated. KHTS
  • Active Shooter Video Aims for Survival: The Sheriff's Department has produced a nine-minute video featuring active shooter scenarios, targeted at helping people survive when danger strikes. ActiveShooter
  • Stressed-Out Parks: California's park system is hurting because of factors including everything from outdated technology and maintenance backlogs to declining budgets and higher fees. Daily News
  • 'Thursdays' Make a Comeback: The city is gearing up for another year of "Thursdays at Newhall" events on Main Street. SCV News
  • Water Supply Not (Snow)Packed: "If January is a preview of coming attractions, it (California’s wet season) is not very hopeful." Not a good outlook for the Sierra snowpack that typically supplies about 30 percent of California's water. Daily News
  • Going With the Flow(chart): Perhaps a bit reductive, but this flowchart answers the question of whether vaccines are a good idea. Flowing Data

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 - 12:34pm
Apologies folks, there were some technical difficulties. Let's try this again...
  • Fighting On: "I was pretty nervous inside, but they told me I was as cheerful as ever." Kirsten Quinn profiles a local 10-year-old fighting cancer. The Signal
  • Gas Leak Prompts Evacuation:  Students at Tesoro Del Valle Elementary were evacuated for about a half-hour this morning after a gas leak was detected. The Signal
  • Super Bowl Crackdown: The CHP is planning to make this a maximum enforcement weekend, so think twice before drinking and driving. Actually, maybe just make it a practice to not drink and drive at all. KHTS
  • Alleged Rapist Was Still on Parole: When the 74-year-old man currently on trial for an Acton rape was released from prison in 2011, his parole from an Indiana prison where he'd also served time should have been revoked, but wasn't. Officials aren't sure why. KHTS
  • Take It To the Top: Nice informative piece by Linda Castro about the 14-mile rountrip hike to the top of Telescope Peak, the highest point in Death Valley. SCV News
  • A Wakeup Call (Hopefully): "This measles outbreak serves as a call to action about what can happen. ... A lot of people think they don’t need to get their kids vaccinated unless they travel. But they can be exposed right here.” Physicians and health officials are sounding an alarm as a measles outbreak continues to spread in California. SacBee
  • Statshot: About 1 in 5 kids lives in poverty, almost double what it was before the 2007 start of the recession, and otehr family facts from a recent Census Bureau report. Daily News
  • Rise and Fall: Since oil prices started dropping last summer, oil companies have continued to cut jobs. Some analysts, however, suspect low prices will stimulate jobs in other sectors. LA Times

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 - 1:01pm
  • Showing Support by Candlelight: The Signal estimates more than 200 people showed up last night for a candlelight vigil in honor of the 19-day-old Newhall girl found dead Saturday. The newspaper made the smart move of disabling comments on the story. The Signal
  • Trial Delayed: The rape trial of a 74-year-old Acton sex offender was delayed after he complained of chest pains. The Signal
  • No Shortage of Cash: The billionaire Koch brothers plan to spend nearly $1 billion in an attempt to buy influence the 2016 elections. SF Chronicle
  • Population Shrinkage: The Los Angeles County jail population has seen a drop in population, a change officials say is due in part to the passage of Prop 47. Daily News
  • A Possible Relapse: "California's finances are roaring back. History would suggest, however, that any fiscal renaissance will be temporary." A Standard & Poor's report on the state of the state's economy shows concerns for a backslide. LA Times
  • Former SCV Resident Found Guilty in 2011 Murders: A former Santa Clarita resident and convicted bank robber was found guilty in the case of two 2011 Chatsworth murders. KHTS
  • No Union Blues: Federal labor data shows that California's union workforce grew by 3 percent last year. SacBee
  • Rail Talk Among Council Members: The chairman of the state's high-speed authority met recently with SClarita council members to tour the Palmdale-to-Burbank section of the planned superrailway. KHTS
  • Good News for Schools: The WiSH Education Foundation, that raises funds for the Hart District, received nearly $15,000 in grant funding. The Signal
  • Not a History Fan, Apparently: Deputies are searching for a man they believe may have been under the influence when he sped through the parking lot of Newhall's Heritage Junction and crashed through a fence. SCV News

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 - 12:56pm
  • Today Just Got Worse: The man arrested on murder charges after his three-wek-old daughter was found dead Saturday is also facing sex-related charges. KHTS
  • Canyon Country Intruder Gets Kicked Out: "I just grabbed him and chucked him really hard, and he crashed into the door and then he runs out." A Canyon Country man arrested on suspicion of burglarly apparently didn't realize his neighbor is a martial arts instructor. The Signal
  • City Seeking Postal Help: The City of SClaritra is reaching out to residents for support in entreating the U.S. Postal Service to keep a location in Newhall. The longtime Lyons branch closed recently after the lease ended, and a temporary branch has been set up in Stevenson Ranch. News Release
  • SCVi Students Glide Through Class: Pretty cool story out of local charter school SCVi, where students are learning about aviation by getting up close, hands-on experience with a glider. KHTS
  • Crappy Situation for State Tax Board: Someone really wanted to send a message to the state Franchise Tax Board, sending the Sacramento office a box full of dog feces. LA Times
  • Going Up: Home prices in the SCV went up for the third year in a row in 2014, up 12 percent over 2013. The Signal
  • LA Times Notices SCV Homeless Problem: "Santa Clarita is wealthy and pretty and has great parks and walkways. But we also have family issues and drug problems and alcoholism and housing that people can't afford." Reporter Sandy Banks explores the sandy banks of the Santa Clara River and talks with Bridge to Home director Tim Davis about SCV's homeless issues. LA Times

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Monday, January 26th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Three Weeks In, the Saddest Story of the Year: A 30-year-old man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murdering his three-week-old daughter. She was reported missing Friday night, and the man reportedly led investigators to the body Saturday after a search had been underway for hours. An autopsy is set for today. KHTS The Signal LA Times
  • Rallying Support: An online fundraiser is already underway for the family of Baby Ellorah. KHTS
  • Initial Optimism: Local educators are optimistic about Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal, that includes an increase in K-12 spending of roughly $2,600 per student in the 2015-16 school year. The Signal
  • Preservation Ordinance Up for a Vote: The County Board of Supervisors is poised to decide Tuesday on historic preservation ordinance that would establish procedures for protecting properties throughout the county. SCV News
  • 10 Years of Changes: "Metrolink has come a long way in 10 years: We can safely say we now have the safest commuter rail system in the country.” Today is the anniversary of the Metrolink that killed 11 people and injured 180, and in the decade since the agency has made a number of safety changes. Daily News
  • A New Pets Mart: "It was, and remains, equally important to me to make healthy pet food and supplies accessible to people of all incomes." Canyon Country gets a new pet food and supply store, in the form of Protein for Pets. The Signal
  • Remembering a Capitol Legend: A long and detailed obit by Stephen K. Peeples of John Palladino, longtime Friendly Valley resident and former Capitol Records executive, who died recently at 94. SCV News
  • The Homicide Problem: "If they know who did it and they know he’s in Mexico, then what does it take to do something about it? I don’t want something to happen 20 years from now — when I’m dead.” Of the more than 11,000 homicides in L.A. County over an 11-year span, nearly 5,000 remain unsolved. Daily News
  • It Couldn't Last Forever: We've all been enjoying continually dropping gas prices, but analysts say the party's probably coming to end as wholesale prices increase. LA Times

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Friday, January 23rd, 2015 - 12:49pm
  • Newhall Library Meets the Gold Standard: The city announced this week that the Newhall Library completed in 2012 has been award federal Gold LEED certification for its sustainable design features. SCV News
  • Dropping Numbers: For the first time in 12 years, the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their kids using a "personal belief" exemption dropped in 2014. LA Times
  • Burying the Lead: Yeah, yeah, yeah, public health officials are strongly encouraging vaccinations to prevent measles, which is continuing to spread. However, the REAL kicker of Luke Money's story is the fact that Henry Mayo employs a certain Dr. Frankenstein. The Signal
  • Surface Service: The City Council is poised to approve a contract Tuesday night (Agenda Item #6) for work at City Hall including modification of existing ramps and handrails and parking lot paving. The reccomended vendor is a Moorpark-based company whose bid of $157,072 was  the lowest of eight bids submitted. The only Santa Clarita-based company to bid came in with a bid for roughly $270,000. Side note: Unfortunately, the city has changed how it posts meeting agendas on its website, so I can no longer link to individual agenda items. Agenda
  • Joining Forces: The relatively new, 150-member SCV Latino Chamber Commerce is dissolving and joining forces with the SCV Chamber of Commerce next month. The Signal
  • New Assistant Head for CHS: Canyon High School has a new assistant principal, a 10-year veteran of the Hart district. KHTS
  • Kunak Returns: John Kunak was named president of the Castaic Area Town Council, replacing outgoing prez Flo Lawrence. KHTS
  • Parental Concerns: "There is a perception today that children are under constant threat, even as crime rates drop to some of the lowest levels in decades. And there is an inclination, unfortunately by many, to take their own determination of what’s best for children and codify it into law." Christine Korenthal weighs in with some concerns about parenting by law. The Signal
  • A Water War Truce: "Ted Schade, the official in charge of air quality in the Owens Valley, had fought the city of Los Angeles for over 24 years to control the dust in the region. Upon the completion of the deal, he dropped the mic and tendered his resignation." A truce of sorts emerges in the long battle between Ownes Valley and L.A. that inspired "Chinatown". LAist
  • What They Make: The Sacramento Bee has a searchable database of state employee's salaries. In case you're wondering what folks like George Runner are earning. SacBee

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 - 12:20pm
  • Manslaughter Charge in Rowher Flats Crash: A 28-year-old Granada Hills man was arrested and charged with manslaughter after a drunken crash left his passenger dead, 1,500 feet down a ravine at Rowher Flats earlier this month. KHTS
  • 'Not Guilty' Plea from Snyder: Former Valencia High School baseball coach Jared Snyder pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he embezzled between $10,000 to $15,000 over six years. SCV News
  • County OKs One-Stop Shop: County officials gave a green light to the creation of a searchable public database of municipal data including information on budgets, crime stats and more. CBS
  • A Bad Year for DUIs: SCV deputies made nearly 300 DUI arrests in 2014. No word on how many were made at checkpoints. KHTS
  • Speaking of DUIs...: Deputies chased a suspected DUI motorist through Canyon Country, purusing on foot when the driver and passenger fled, and disappeared, into a neighborhood. The Signal
  • New Trial Sought in Murder Case: A man found guilty in a 2011 robbery that resulted in a Good Samaritan's death is seeking a new trial. KHTS
  • This Will Be Interesting: Starting Sunday, the LA News Group will start publishing a series thatr's the result of a 18-month investigation into the scope of unsolved homicides in Los Angeles County. I'm curious to see what shows up from the SCV. Daily Bulletin
  • Fighting Back: In the wake of a spreading measles outbreak that started at Disneyland, health officials are taking preventative measures. In Huntington Beach, more than 20 high school students without immunization proof were ordered to stay home for several weeks after a student came down with measles. LA Times

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