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Friday, April 17th, 2015 - 1:48pm
  • Clean Sweep and Condos: The county Board of Supervisors signed off this week on a 75-condo development in Saugus and cleanup for the Santa Clara River. KHTS
  • Trying to Move Swiftly: State legislators are trying to speed up the process of building needed water storage facilities by proposing changes to state-mandated environmental review processes. Daily News
  • A Change for Einstein: Though details are scant, Albert Einstein Academy has confirmed that Jeffrey Shapiro is no longer its CEO, following special meetings by the board. KHTS
  • (Western) Walk This Way: The city officially kicked off Cowboy Festival weekend with the unveiling of another plaque for the Western Walk of Stars in downtown Newhall. The Signal
  • No More Big Saturday: After 53 years, 'Sabado Gigante' is going off the air. LA Observed
  • Awesometown Doc Hit With Fraud Charges: A 60-year-old Valencia doctor has been charged with $6.5 million in Medicare fraud. KHTS
  • Fabric Store Stitches Up New Location: Jo-Ann Fabrics has closed its Magic Mountain Parkway location and opened an expanded store off Golden Valley Road. The Signal
  • Live and Rootsy: Calarts is hosting a free concert tomorrow night at its Wild Beast amphitheater, featuring several roots and Americana-inspired bands. SCVNews
  • Looking for Oversight: The Castaic school district is looking for members of its bond oversight committee. KHTS
  • What Lies Beneath: "This ship fought a long, hard war in the Pacific, and after the war, was subjected to two atomic blasts that ripped through the ship." A mostly intact sunken aircraft carrier has been rediscovered off the California coast. SacBee

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Cutting the Grass: "Some folks just want to tear out their turf in their front lawn and replace it with just artificial turf. While that saves water, it doesn’t move the dial as far as changing the aesthetic away from turf." Since CLWA launched a cash-for-lawns program last year, only about 60 people of the 500 who inquired have changed out their water-guzzling grass for more drought-sensitive landscaping. The Signal
  • 15 Years for Father's Murder: A Canyon Country man took a plea deal and could be eligible for parole after 15 years for shooting his father to death in 2013. KHTS
  • Teaching a Dog More Than Tricks: Sue Reynolds, the Hart district's career development coordinator, recently completed training with her dog to become of one of 120 rescue dog teams in California. KHTS
  • Classy Moves: "The messages range from images depicting Pan as a Nazi to posts on his Facebook page calling for him to be 'eradicated' or hung by a noose." Lawmakers are on alert in light of anti-vaxx backlash to the bill proposing to remove the personal belief exemption from vaccinations. SacBee
  • Supes Sign Off on Altered Tower Plan: The Board of Supervisors signed off Tuesday on a revised plan for a series of wireless communication towers aimed at helping first responders. The Signal
  • Council Continues Funding: The City Council OK'd continued funding for the SCV Economic Development Corp., to the tune of $600,000 for the next three years. It's essentially the same funding package approved in 2013. The Signal
  • You Wanna Buy a Yoga Studio?: The Vayu Yoga studio on Main Street that opened in 2013 is for sale, including everything from the company trademark to the equipment. KHTS
  • For the Last-MInute Crowd: Three L.A.-area post offices (including one here in the SCV) are staying open late for those who are still finishing their tax paperwork. Daily News

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Gone Too Soon: "She was the ultimate mother, the ultimate wife, the ultimate friend and the ultimate employee. She never had a bad word to say about anybody, and she was everyone’s cheerleader." After a battle with breast cancer, community volunteer and longtime resident Dana Cop passed away at 43. KHTS
  • Water in the Bank: SCV water officials say that their water-banking efforts that started over a decade ago are paying off for the community. The Signal
  • It's Budget Season: "This is a new era and an unprecedented opportunity for LASD to work with our county partners to move beyond past problems and eventually develop new approaches as well as a treatment facility that recognizes the dynamic needs of the large mentally ill population in our jails.” The county's proposed $26.9B budget includes includes $99 million in additional funding for the Sheriff's Department. Daily News
  • Saugus Students Seeking Prom Donations: Members of Saugus High School's Gay-Straight Alliance are asking for donations to send students to an LGBT prom in the Antelope Valley. The Signal
  • Taking Aim at Killers: The California Chamber has released its list of "job killers" ranging from increased regulations to increased health care costs. Fox & Hounds
  • Council Expected to Vote on Pot Bill: "You can do all of the fantasy you want. Out of all my years of working the streets, every time I arrested someone for major drugs, they always started with marijuana. When people say, ‘It’s not a  big deal’ — I disagree.” The SClarita City Council is expected to support a bill that would provide a statewide framework for controlling medical marijuana dispensaries. KHTS
  • The Big Payback: With some debts reaching back to 1991, the Sulphur Springs School District could wind up paying $500K yearly in debt repayment out of pocket starting in 2016. The Signal
  • Under Investigation: A report of blood near Valencia Boulevard and Cinema Drive eventually led deputies to find a man with head injuries who reportedly had no idea how he'd been injured. KHTS
  • See the Forest for the Trees: The Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument are accepting applications for this summer's artist in residence program. SCVNews

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Monday, April 13th, 2015 - 8:30am
  • Details on Off-Duty Shooting: The off-duty LAPD officer involved in a shooting on Rainbow Glen Drive two weeks ago is a veteran of the gang and narcotics division. The Signal
  • A Little Less Pain at the Pump: With summer on the horizon, gas prices are continuing to drop. Of course, who knows what we'll be looking at by the time your summer roadtrip rolls around. The Signal
  • Cellphones Could Provide Quake Warning: “We’re kind of in an earthquake drought in California. It’s not just a water drought. We haven’t had that many big events to test it on, which is a good thing for everyone except for seismologists." The U.S. Geological Survey, Caltech, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, University of Houston and Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley collaborated on a study that proposes a cellphone-based early warning system for earthquakes. Daily News
  • Caltrans Complaints: The Signal's editorial board takes Caltrans to task over its notifications of possible freeway closures recently. The Signal
  • Paying Tribute to Community Builders: The annual Silver Spur award dinner paid tribute to the Newhall family's contributions to the growth of the Santa Clarita Valley. SCVNews
  • Hats Off to Teachers: The SCV Education Foundation will salute the hard-working educators of the community at this week's 31st Teacher Tribute. The Signal
  • Ummm...: “They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone. This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.” Robert Kennedy Jr. is not a fan of vaccines. SacBee
  • Common Ground: They may have different opinions on how to make it happen, but legislators on both sides of the aisle are finding common ground in the area of infrastructure needs. The Signal
  • Returning the Favor: Now a lobbyist, former Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon has gained as a client one of his former contributors, defense contractor Aerojet Rocketdyne. Sunlight Foundation
  • The Memory Remains: "You had a great community out here and now it's gone." Two decades after it became clear the water in Hinkley was contaminated with a cancer-causing heavy metal, there's still a struggle for closure. LA Times

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Saturday, April 11th, 2015 - 9:10am
Oh, hi there.
  • Local Women Going the Distance: "The further I walked, the further I went in and met all of the skeletons in my closet, so I embraced that and I wrote about the pain I endured my entire life.” Nice piece by Halie Cook on several SCV women who have hiked or who are planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. SCVNews
  • She Doesn't Run from a Challenge: After surviving a brain aneurysm at age 29, an SCV woman is getting ready to compete in her 40th half-marathon. The Signal
  • Sculpting a Plan for Arts: "I think by giving you too much direction, we tie your hands." The City Council and Arts Commission met this week during a joint session about the developing arts master plan for Santa Clarita. A consultant wisely pointed out that at the end of the day, no group of five people should be expected to be the arbiter of taste for an entire community. The Signal
  • Gaming the System: A state audit has found that state departments are illegally padding their budgets with millions of our tax dollars by making it appear they have more people on staff than they actually do. SacBee
  • Hungry for Change: "I want Turkey and this country to acknowledge the genocide. That would make me happy if I played even a small role in making that happen.” A Glendale man is fasting for 55 days to raise awareness and call for acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide of 1915. Daily News
  • One Cuffed After East Side Shooting: Deputies made an arrest after a Canyon Country shooting yesterday that was an apparent domestic dispute that escalated. KHTS
  • Life Sentence: A 20-year-old Canyon Country man will likely be nearly 80 by the time he's eligible for parole, after being sentenced for his role in a Halloween 2011 shooting that left a Newhall father dead. KHTS
  • Making it to the Finish Line: "The key is they still have time to overcome his long period of unemployment." An Arleta couple puts a face on those who have faced bouts of long unemployment as they near retirement. LA Times
  • Focus on Vietnam: A Valencia man who is a Vietnam veteran is featured in a new documentary about combat cameramen. KHTS
  • No Cause of Death Released for Child's Murder: The Coroner has yet to release a cause of death for the 19-day-old girl found dead in Newhall in January. Her father remains behind bars and could face multiple life sentences in prison. KHTS
  • Deputies on Leave After Apparent Beating: 10 
  • Get Earthy at Central Park: The City's Earth Arbor day festival is going on at Central Park today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. SCVNews
  • Keep an Eye on Your Cat: Good piece by my former Signal cohort Michelle Sathe, on the importance of veterinary checkups for your cat. The Signal
  • Crumbling Into History: The Daily News longtime Woodland Hills home (vacated in 2008 for smaller offices) is being razed. LA Observed

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 - 1:08pm
  • A Sad Start to the Week: A 3-year-old is dead after drowning in a Valencia pool, and according to investigators there may have been miscommunication over who was supposed to be watching the child. The Daily News is reporting the boy was unattended for 30 minutes. The Signal Daily News
  • Is the SCV Turning Blue?: Long a conservative bastion, Southern California legislative districts are seeing upticks in Democratic voter registration. The Signal
  • Have You Seen Her?: Officials are seeking the public's help in finding a woman reported missing from Tulare County recently, and whose vehicle was found abandoned in Canyon Country. KHTS
  • Changing Faces: Longtime SCVTV staffer Megan Perez is leaving our local TV station for the island of Guam, and Kris Kelso is taking over as production mananger. Kelso's production credits include "Hell's Kitchen" and "Celebrity Apprentice." SCVNews
  • Talkin' 'Bout Drones: If you're using a drone for film production, there a number of new rules of which you should be aware. SCVNews
  • Through the Lens: A Dutch woman has spent six years documenting life on L.A.'s Skid Row. Medium
  • Bridge Nearing Completion: As the bucolic area near where Newhall Ranch will sprout up continues to evolve, the new bridge at Commerce Center Drive and Highway 126 is nearing completion. KHTS
  • We're #1! Wait, wha...: Los Angeles County residents are more likely to die of the flu than the rest of California, according to a new state health report. Daily News
  • Ol' Blue Eyes and the SCV: "As it turned out, those film boxes were the tip of the iceberg. There was a giant warehouse in Santa Clarita that had thousands of square footage of tapes and photos." Now that is a detail about HBO's new Sinatra documentary about which I'd like a little more info. Daily News

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 - 8:42am
Location and design are a while off. There are no sketches, but I Photoshopped The Rock, just to get in the mood.
A century ago, Saugus was a bustling little railroad town (think Saugus Cafe), and for much of the 20th century it described most of what we now call the Santa Clarita Valley (think Saugus Speedway). Today, it describes the residential communities that feed off Bouquet Canyon (think 7-Elevens). 
There isn’t much in Saugus, but that’s kind of the point. We crave silence like 50,000 Ron Swansons. It’s the kind of place where the only time you think of calling the cops is to report the guy racing his dirt bike behind your street, but you don’t, because he’s probably a cop.
There is no Saugus Master Plan, and its never had a redevelopment committee. It's never had its Al Ferdman or Frank Ferry. There’s hardly a home in Saugus that was built under authority of the City, and the County spent decades allowing homes by the thousands, without building a community.
But that may change soon, because the City is looking to make a splash in Saugus. The working title is the Saugus Library Center. In addition to a library, it may also have recreation and community facilities. Big picture stuff. 
But what should a library slash community center slash recreation center have?
If you live in Saugus, the city is asking you for your opinion. So please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey. It will really go a long way in communicating the community’s wants and needs to the city. These plans are in the very early stages, so right now is when your opinion will matter most. 
Do you live in Saugus? If you think so, the answer is yes. And if you live in 91354 and your home was built before 1986, the answer is also yes. So please, click on the link and be heard.
For essential reading on Saugus:
Disclosure/Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Saugus Library Center Steering Committee, but of course, I don’t speak for it. And I’m sure my Photoshopped rock is highly unauthorized.

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