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Sept. 2, 2014 - Daily Brief » by: Josh Premako
Tackling the Issues: "People don't kill themselves or try to because they really want to die, they just want to stop the pain they've been suffering." After three suspected suicides in as many weeks, the discussion has shifted to mental health issues and potential prevention. KHTSStarting With Education: Rather than simply slapping fines on water-wasters, local water officials want to focus on educating the public into conserving water, with an inspector's visit and a second warning before...
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Posted: 3 hrs., 17 mins. ago - 2 Sep 2014 @ 8:30am

Mr. SCV by John Boston
The Sweetest, and Toughest, of all Yankees... » by: John Boston
THERE’S NOT A DAY THAT PASSES without me noticing what an amazingly great and big hearted country this is. A half-planet away, and, sadly, even closer, people rise, muttering dark prayers. It’s completely foreign to me to mold my day around trying to find a way to not just kill, but degrade and torture people. And yet, here in this country, despite what so many liberals despise, I see a quiet greatness. Every moment of every day, somewhere, this quiet passion smilingly washes...
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Posted: 2 days, 16 hrs. ago - 30 Aug 2014 @ 7:30pm
SCV Eats with Lady Ducayne
Dink's NY Diner: A Case Study » by: Lady Ducayne
I don't know how Dink's NY Diner (or whatever it is calling itself these days) does it. Horrible servic paired with below average food, yet they manage to stick around. They have a gorgeous space, the perfect location (so much foot traffic), and so much potential, but I have yet to have a decent meal there. I don't know. The food is so uninspiring, and I know that they are desperate for new blood in the kitchen, but perhaps they haven't found the right match yet.***attachment3***Dink's is a...
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Posted: 2 days, 7 hrs. ago - 31 Aug 2014 @ 4:55am

SCV Forums
Racism in Valencia? What are we doing about it? We recently... » by: dedehidalgo
Racism in Valencia? What are we doing about it? We recently encountered racism in our backyard. We were having a small bbq within a reasonable time, our neighbor started to yell, “You beaners like to make a lot of beep beep noise, go back to south la where you belong. What is also alarming is that there were 3 children in our backyard, when he started yelling out mean things. He then continued to call us the Devil etc etc, many of our guests left. Has anyone else experienced this? How to...
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Posted: 22 hrs. ago - 1 Sep 2014 @ 2:04pm

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