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Sept. 16, 2014 - Daily Brief » by: Josh Premako
The Depths of Drought: Need to be reminded just how serious this drought is? Seeing the change in Castaic Lake between May and August might do the trick. KHTSThere's Always Time for More Studies: The county is continuing to do studies as it tries to figure out a way to deal with its Bouquet Canyon creek problems. What will solve the issues? Cleaning out debris? Realigning the creek? Time will tell. KHTSTrying to Uncover the Suspect: Deputies are on the lookout for a suspect in the second...
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Posted: 4 hrs. ago - 16 Sep 2014 @ 8:30am

SCV Family Blog
Chinatown Moon Festival: Free Fun for All Ages » by: Jen & Josh Gerhardt
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China's grand celebrations. It's also known as the Moon Festival, since the moon is at its roundest and brightest at this time of year. Your family can join in the celebration at the 76th annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Chinatown Los Angeles on Saturday, September 13th beginning at 5pm. The free festival includes acrobats, lion dancers, a moon cake eating competition, lantern making workshop, craft beer garden, live music,...
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Posted: 3 days, 20 hrs. ago - 12 Sep 2014 @ 4:30pm
Mr. SCV by John Boston
Who’s Your Daddy & Lanky Lesbian Keyboard Players » by: John Boston
“Distringit librorum multitudo (The Abundance of Books is Distraction)” — Seneca, from about 50 A.D. Like most, I wear many hats as I stumble through this pratfall of life. I’m a father. Pest. Whiner. Friend. Writer.* Historian. Years ago, when I started writing the local history column, I scratched my head over the reporting of some mysterious and unimaginable heinous crime that took place in the Santa Clarita. A local newspaper editor from the 1930s...
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Posted: 2 days, 17 hrs. ago - 13 Sep 2014 @ 7:30pm

SCV Forums
Re: A Flag for Valencia? » by: Spineflower
Well, one thing we know is that a rainbow will never be on a Valencia flag. About 10-15 years ago the Valencia logo had a rainbow. All those monument signs at intersections giving directions to the various new tracts had the rainbow on them. Then one day someone at NLF found out the rainbow had been co-opted by the LGBT community, and literally overnight every one of those monuments had a drab gray coat of paint over the rainbows. NLF was apparently petrified at the thought of any...
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Posted: 21 mins ago - 16 Sep 2014 @ 12:06pm

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